Timber is Structurally STRONGER than Conventional Platform Construction

Let the great outdoors in and surround yourself in gorgeous style. Aside from sheer beauty, there are so many benefits to a well constructed Timber Home. Did you know that there are many Timber homes with frames that are more than 1,000 years old and they are still in use and looking AMAZING today? What many people don’t realize is that when it comes to building, a Timber frame is structurally stronger than conventional platform construction and uses less wood. Our post & beam construction provides vaulted wood ceilings supported by the strength of Douglas Fir timbers. Here at Logangate Timber Homes , we are proud of our reputation as being one of the trusted leaders in the industry. For more than 45 years, we have been building high quality, showstopper Panelized Post & Beam Homes. Our Timber Home is one of a kind and made to last a lifetime. We’ve built our trustworthy reputation on offering the highest quality homes at fair and honest prices.

Benefits to a Logangate Timber Home:

*A Timber Frame home built by Logangate will stand for generations, providing housing value that lasts.

* Timber Frame Homes are versatile. Timber frame house plans suit both modern and classical architecture.

*Timber Frame Homes are spacious. The entire structure rests on the frame so your interior remains open and airy, giving you more living space.

*Timber Frame Homes are beautiful. The timber framework is fully visible from inside, adding warmth to your home décor.

*Timber Frame Homes are warm. Insulation panels surround the timbers, making your home thermally efficient.

*Timber Frame Homes are energy efficient.

Since the walls of our homes are built in our facility, you can get an air tight seal that is hard to create outside of our controlled factory setting, eliminating drafts and helping you save energy dollars. Logangate Timber Homes wants to provide you with a beautiful, energy efficient prefabricated home at an affordable price. To keep our homes affordable, we purchase direct from the lumber mill and factories to cut out unnecessary costs. Many of our satisfied homeowners tell us their only regret is that they waited as long as they did before having us build their home. Here at Logangate, we are building more than great homes, we‘re helping you and your family build the home of your dreams.

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