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Our Process | Pedestal Homes Green Building Post and Beam Logangate Homes
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Our Process

Our Process

Our Pedestal Home Process

High Quality Pedestal Home Materials

Here at Logangate Homes, we’ve been in the business of providing high quality prebuilt homes to our customers for over 50 years. We purchase direct from the lumber mills and other factories to keep costs down so you can get a superior pedestal home at an affordable price. We strive to build beautiful pedestal homes that are sustainable and energy efficient.   This commitment also makes our homes energy efficient saving you energy dollars. We have enhanced conserving options available depending on your level of interest and budget.

Professionally Built Custom Pedestal Homes

Our pedestal homes allow you to get those great scenic views with minimal site disturbance. This makes it not only better for the environment but less expensive. Our professional team can help you pick out your home based on your needs and style, and work with you to customize your new house into your dream home! Get the mountain home that you’ve been dreaming of at an affordable price with a pedestal home from Logangate. Click here to see our pedestal home floor plans.

Get Excellent Customer Service with Logangate

Here at Logangate, we not only strive for delivering high quality products but we believe excellent customer service is vital to our customer’s satisfaction. Our professionals can walk you through all of our pedestal home options, and help you create a custom built pedestal home. When you purchase from Logangate Homes, you can expect us to be with you every step of the way for years to come. We can help you put your sense of style in your new home and strengthen your commitment to the environment with our pedestal home. If you choose Logangate, you can trust you are buying from a company that manufactures responsibly and sustainability, and that cares as much about treading lightly on the earth as you do.

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