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Harmony Pedestal HomeTimber Home and Pedestal Home Living.

Efficiency, Strength and Beauty.

Building a Logangate Timber Home is a choice that reveals your sense of style and your importance placed on the environment. You are reminded of the Warmth and Strength each time you gaze above at the Douglas Fir Timbers, known for their beauty and durability. Green building is not just a cliche word for us, we use renewable energy sources to power our plant and strive toward zero waste production. We offer pedestal homes, timber homes and cabin kits as you create your dream home and at an affordable price.

You care about the world we live in, you want to buy from a company that manufactures responsibly and sustainably, that cares as much about treading lightly on the earth as you do.

Logangate Timber Homes…Feel at Home.

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