Our Roof System

Our Roof System

The Problem with Conventional Trusses

Getting full insulation coverage over the entire ceiling is difficult with conventional ceiling trusses. The design does not allow the insulation to maintain its desired thickness all the way to the wall resulting in significant energy loss. A building code that specifys R-38 needs a full 12” space for the insulation. In addition, what is not shown here is the continuous ridge vent that allows the attic air to gently escape.

Compare Our Energy Efficient e-SIP Panel roof system

U.S. Dept. of Energy tests show SIP construction is 15 TIMES more air tight than stick framing.

Our e-SIP Panel is made up of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).   We maintain consistent R-value throughout the panel and past the exterior wall, see diagram.  The foam will never settle and will not hold moisture or permit mold.  We offer R-33 EPS, R-40 Neopor, and R-48 Neopor.

Neopor foams are formulated with graphite in the cell structure, creating a grey-hued material that provides 20% greater thermal performance than traditional EPS.

Easy to install, NO crane Needed!   Our 4′x8′ e-SIP Panel only weighs 70lbs.


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