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Our Prefabricated Home is SMART Home that will Save you Substantially

If you are thinking about building a new home, you are probably being bombarded with options. There is certainly a lot to think about and consider when you are about to begin the building process. One option, you need to consider and familiarize yourself with is a prefab home. Essentially, a prefabricated home, or prefab home, is a home that is pre-built. Many pieces are pre-built like the walls, gable panels, roof panels, etc. There are many benefits of a prefab home. Here at Logangate, we’ve been building quality homes for fifty years. We’ve earned our stellar reputation by doing business the old fashioned way. We build some of the highest quality homes in a manner that is extremely kind to the environment. Plus, we will only use the highest quality products and materials, while keeping our overhead down so that we can offer you fair and honest pricing! This is a business model that we have had from day one and it’s one that will never change!

What makes this particular style of home such a smart choice is that we build your prefabricated home wall panel by wall panel in our controlled factory setting. This is a big deal because utilizing our controlled factory setting ensures that your home will be extremely energy efficient. Since the walls of our homes are built in our facility, this enables us to give you an airtight seal, free from drafts and leaks. None of this is something you can see with the human eye but when your first energy bill arrives you will see the savings on your bill.

When you choose Logangate, you get more than just a builder. For fifty years, we have stood by our homeowners until the very end. We are the builders that will be there when you need us! Ask any of our satisfied customers. We do business the old fashioned way and that includes, hard work, the best products and materials, and the most skilled contractors in the industry. Hands down. This is our life’s work and we feel that we do it better than anyone else! That’s the Logangate difference!

Logangate is Carving THE Path for Building EXCELLENCE

Building a home? Have you considered building a beautiful Timber Home? Here at Logangate Timber Homes of Asheville, NC, one of our favorite parts of the job is working side by side our amazing customers and building them their dream home! Our Timber Home is unlike any other home you’ve ever seen! If rustic elegance and beauty aren’t your preference, you may not want a Logangate Timber Home.

Many of our satisfied customers have written in to tell us that they absolutely love having a home that is so energy conscious. They say they knew they would save on their energy bills but had no idea they would be saving as much as they are.

Logangate Timber Homes has been in business for over 50 years. This is a statement that really speaks to our reputation. Many building companies have closed up shop throughout the years. We believe in what we do and we feel that we do it better than everyone else. Here at Logangate, we are extremely proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the home building industry. We’ve earned our good name simply because of how we do business. We are responsible builders and we bring you the very best at honest and affordable
prices. In a nutshell, we provide our customers with beautiful, energy efficient, affordable homes that are manufactured responsibly and sustainably. It’s the Logangate difference.


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