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Our Controlled Factory Setting = BIG ENERGY SAVINGS FOR YOU

Many people who are in the process of having a home built really don’t understand the true meaning of the term ‘pre-fab home.’ A pre-fab home also known as a pre-built home is basically a home that has pre made… read more

We put the “Can” back in Cantilever with our Pedestal Homes

The Pedestal Home is one of Logangate’s most popular homes for a variety of reasons. For starters, this design is truly unique featuring a main structure that cantilevers ten feet from all four sides of a small foundation. This allows… read more

Get the Most Energy Efficient & Durable Home Possible–With Logangate

When you hear the term green building you typically think of a way of building that’s kinder and gentler to the environment. That is true but when a home is built using these building practices, you will also save a… read more

Logangate Doesn’t just Build Homes: WE BUILD Dream Homes

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous timber home. I was watching a dream home episode on HGTV and everyone was ooohing and ahhhing at how breathtakingly beautiful the featured timber home was. I really believe that… read more

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