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Post & Beam vs. Timber Frame, What is the Difference?

Timber Homes can be either Post & Beam or Timber Frame with the main difference being how the timbers are connected to each other. Post and beam typically uses decorative steel plates to tie members together. Timber Frame, on the… read more

Going Green is Not Only Good for the Environment but your Pocketbook as Well

Green building is such an important term when you are thinking about a home for you and your family to live in. Any contractor can build a home but will it be a home that is kind to the environment… read more

Pedestal -2020 Gable Sides

Timber is Structurally STRONGER than Conventional Platform Construction

Let the great outdoors in and surround yourself in gorgeous style. Aside from sheer beauty, there are so many benefits to a well constructed Timber Home. Did you know that there are many Timber homes with frames that are more… read more

Build a Unique Home Where You Never Thought Possible

Getting a home with a scenic view for an affordable price is nearly impossible. But with a pedestal home from Logangate Timber Homes, you can have the mountain home you’ve always dreamed of. A pedestal home has a smaller foundation… read more

Logangate Timber Homes Provide Beautiful, Affordable Prefab Home

Welcome to the Logangate Timber Homes Blog! We want to tell you a little bit about ourselves! We’ve been building panelized post and beam homes for over 45 years. To keep our homes affordable, we purchase direct from the lumber… read more

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