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Timber Home and Pedestal Home Living. Efficiency, Strength and Beauty. Building a Logangate Timber Home is a choice that reveals your sense of style and your importance placed on the environment. You are reminded of the Warmth and Strength each… read more

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Floor Plans Pedestal Layout The Pedestal – 1612 The Pedestal – 1616 The Pedestal – 2016 The Pedestal – 2020 The Pedestal – 3216 The Pedestal – 3220 The Harmony – 3216 The Harmony – 3616 The Harmony – 4020… read more

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Pedestal Homes The Pedestal Home is a unique Timber Home featuring a main structure that cantilevers 10 feet from all four sides of a small foundation. The small footprint means minimum site disturbance preserving the natural state of the building… read more

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Timber Homes Why have standard flat drywall ceilings when an expansive timber frame style home can be yours for about the same price. Our post & beam construction provides vaulted wood ceilings supported by solid Douglas Fir timbers. Wall &… read more

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